It was in early June that Apple announced its latest upgrade, macOS Mojave. Right after WWDC, its developer beta was available for all the certified Apple developers. Now, however, those who are not paying the $99-per-year fee can also check out an early build of macOS Mojave. Apple has officially released the public beta of its latest Operating System, accessible to anyone who has enrolled for the public beta program. Apple is also offering an option to enroll for the beta program if users have not done that before. Users can download the beta without any extra fees.

The official release of the macOS Mojave stable version is due this fall. Apple has not confirmed the specific dates yet, but it will be as quick as possible. Considering that the first public beta has come out, it means the Apple team is being quick. Normally, public beta will be resembling the 2nd developer beta, with less bugs and comparatively more stability. Those who were hesitant to try out the developer beta of macOS Mojave may try the public beta, as it will have fewer bugs to worry about. Nevertheless, the build will have a number of bugs and bottlenecks for sure.

Dark Mode and Continuity Camera are two of the major upgrade features in macOS Mojave, along with an amazing number of small features. In addition to this, Apple had redesigned and improved many of its native apps in a way that productivity can be boosted. While Dark Mode is one of the most expected features when it comes to tech community, other features have also gained popularity. In addition, many early adopters are finding hidden features inside macOS Mojave, especially regarding the use of Continuity Camera and the changes to Preview app. Apple expects to receive better feedback via this public beta program.

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