An unexpected shortage of Carbon Dioxide has created a tough situation for beer manufacturers in the UK. Due to this, most producers are not able to deliver the sufficient amount of beer cans on a regular basis. As a result, many manufacturers have also started restricting the number of beer cases to 10 per day. It means that a bar/grocery store would be delivered a fixed number of 300 cans. According to sources, the deficit of carbon dioxide was caused when many fertilizer manufacturers stopped the production of ammonia, which brings CO2 as the by-product. The restriction was made by Booker, a popular beer manufacturer.

The deficit of CO2 has impacts beyond the rationing of beer supply. The same gas is used for a wide variety of needs like meat production, soda production and various others. Soda production has been at stake that the storage facilities are running out of stock. Coco-Cola’s UK officials said that many plants had to stop the functioning due to CO2 shortage, but assured that customer supply has not been affected by the situation. That having said, experts say that the issue would have impacts on the overall food industry of the United Kingdom.

Food packaging, meat stunning and food storage sectors are also making use of Carbon Dioxide for different purposes. Dry ice, a product that is made when carbon dioxide is pressurized, is used when it comes to food storage and transportation. On the other hand, in its gas form, CO2 is used for stunning animals before they are slaughtered. Since slaughtering cannot be done without stunning, the CO2 deficit would lead to a situation where companies cannot produce the necessary amount of meat. As far as food packaging is concerned, the use of CO2 is used as an agent to reduce bacterial growth.

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