Google AdWords and DoubleClick — two of the popular products — would cease to exist real soon. The users won’t have to worry since this is happening as a part of a rebranding. Google has announced that it rebrands some of the services to bring some umbrella-type platforms like Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. This change is expected to make things easier for digital professionals to manage their advertising campaigns as well as associated analytics. Google believes that the new rebranding system would make a better future for both the products, in the most productive manner as well.

Google Ads is the new name for Google AdWords, a name that was used for 18 years. Through this change, Google looks forward to focus the part of advertising on the brand-name itself. Users will not have to worry about ‘words’ or anything. It also makes sense to believe that AdWords is a restrictive name for a service that is used in such a variety of platforms, like YouTube, Maps, Web etc. In addition to this, Google has been active in acquiring companies and technologies that make advertising better and better. From now on, Ads will be the central place for advertising via Google.

Google Marketing Platform is the combined effect of many features like Search Ads 360, Analytics 360 and Optimize 360 etc. This platform places users at a position to manage their advertising campaigns and analyze their effects on the real deal. At the same time, Google Ad Manager is supposed to be a central platform that gives the publishers complete information and better control. Overall, the Mountain View company plans to make publishing and advertising easier for both communities. These features and re-branding changes are expected to be alive from the half of July, in a gradual roll-out manner.

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