Friday morning will see the SpaceX Falcon 9 taking 6000lbs of supplies to the International Space Station — marking the 15th cargo mission the Elon Musk company has took the contract for. However, the SpaceX team is including an Artificial Intelligence-powered robot crew member in the package. This robot, named CIMON, will be living inside the International Space Station as a companion for other people at the station. The bot will be interacting with humans at the space station, thanks to the wider monitor that can show emotion via graphics. CIMON stands for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion.

CIMON was created for German national space agency to see whether artificially intelligent robots can live and interact with humans in the space. CIMON will be the answer to this doubt when it starts floating around the ISS using the internal fans. According to the updates, CIMON will be able to move in any direction as per the commands and interactions by sucking in and releasing air from the space station inside. Apart from the terrestrial training for artificial intelligence efficiency, CIMON had also gone through a test flight to see how it surpasses the challenge of weightlessness, which the robot was able to manage.

Although the major objectives are made clear, CIMON is equipped with some assistive technologies as well. For instance, astronauts at the International Space Station can call out the name of CIMON and the robot is expected to interact with the person. Apart from this, CIMON is also expected to help the ISS team in running some of the important experiences. The robot was developed using technologies from companies like IBM and the creator, Airbus. The 15th cargo mission is also taking some other equipment to the ISS, especially the one to measure the plant temperature on earth. The mission will be using SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5.

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